Amazing Book : Success Principal For Teens

Hi bloggie! Lately, I was reading Jack Canfield and Kent Healy book called The Success Principles For Teens. It is a great book, I think. It helps us to get a better life and achieve our dreams. But How we get a better life?

In this book, they said that you must not do negative-thinking like complain and maes excuses when we’re in trouble, in the contrary, we must think positive that there is a good lesson behind all the bad things even the worst things in our life. Second, you must believe in yourself that you can do it(it can be anything, like when you’re nervous in giving a presentation, you must believe that you CAN do the presentation well). Saying “ I can do this. I surely can do this whatever it takes” perhaps can help you to achieve success.

They also said that you can write 101 big wishes you would like to achieve and also your goal in life. I don’t finished the book yet, so that’s what I learned. If you want to purchase this good book, you can go to

PS : Jack Canfield is the writer of Chicken Soup For The Soul Series and Jack Canfield is the writer of Cool Stuff They should teach in school. They’re both motivating and successful person.