I just opened Facebook and found in my account setting that I ever tried app called What’s your weakness. Then I got like showering inspiration. I want to write about my weakness. I believe every person on earth have weakness. Maybe just one, or two or lots of weaknesses. Every human being it’s not flawless or just perfect. Okay, back to my weakness. I’ll tell you one by one.


I know I am a shy person. I have shy personality, and just opened if you are my best-friend and I am comfortable talking to someone. I am not uncommunicative. I just don’t know what-to-talk even with friends in the same class, after a 6 month, maybe they never talk to me. I’m just, you know, not the type who can talk to everyone. I am friendly. But, it’s getting better now. I just feel that my friend in senior high, are more open, than in junior high, or I just getting some self-confidence added to my body. I don’t know.

Talking with people, maybe the most devastating weakness of mine. Because when people talk to me, like when I talk with my peers at the course, I feel like there are many awkward moment. I just need to fix that, so I can be better in social life.

My body posture

When I looked to the photos where I was in elementary, I know that my posture isn’t right. It was stooped. And maybe I’m used to it, so many photos of me, described that.


In elementary school, particularly in 6th grade, I used to be late almost every morning. And I got to write stuffs like “I’m late and promise not to be late again”. But still, I am late. But, for this weakness, I can blame my sister who are that time still in the 2nd grade, because she is sometimes the reason, of why I’m late. Now, I’m not late just sometimes) but my sister was late almost all the time. Because our school starts in different time. I am at 7 am, while she is at 6.45 am.

Delay this Delay that

I like to delay on what I was supposed to be doing. Whereas, the success people usually told us don’t delay this or that. You must do it now. I have many excuses, like, I have to play games in Facebook, reading somebody’s blog, I still have some novels or article to read and also I’m too lazy to do that. Then I don’t write on my own blogs nor do I do my homework. This is also why I don’t update my blog last week.. hehehe 😉

I think the best part of knowing our weaknesses, is to be a better person, by improving our abilities in that weakness. Maybe it’s hard. Like when some people weakness are addicted to cigarette. They usually know what happened to them, if they continuously inhale and exhale the smoke. But, when they try to stop it, life becomes so boring, so hollow, or like you lose something you really love. But, if they continuously try to reduce the cigarette, they can be free from the cigarette’s effect. So, what’s your weakness?