Happy Sunday

I have a very blessed sunday today. I thought life in Jakarta would be hard, but turns out that it’s quite boring #eh? I haven’t start any classes of university and my 2nd orientation will be starting next week. My first orientation ended like 2 weeks ago. And there’s this 2 weeks holiday. It’s quite amusing how life goes this fast. Yesterday I feel like I’m still in Surabaya with my family and friends, chilling and relaxing. Sometimes I feel like where did my summer holidays go? Did it go without any meaning, without anything important that I do..? Well, I don’t know. But then, yeah I realize that sometimes we just have to enjoy the art of doing nothing. Haha.. An excuse of mine here(?)

I have a lot of worries actually towards this university life.., like can I make friends? Can I achieve good grades? Can I adapt to the environment of my university? Since I’m this girl that really need to be taught how to appreciate the things in life. Not to worry about why I don’t make any conversation or if my question is bad. Sometimes it’s tiring and sorrowful to just keep what we have in mind just inside ourselves. I want to be open and let my thoughts be heard, I want to have the courage and be the new me, that people never thought I can be. Just let me grow in Your Love God.

Actually, few days ago, I just came back from a retreat. I met many new people in my university that is in one way, I mean having the same faith, same religion. I thank God because I believe that God makes me to choose the right thing and thus have the joy of being with the others praising his name. I had a great time there. Even though I think I’m still not as open, I mean talk a lot, as I want to. But then, I realised I met many people of different character and it’s fun to watch them and observe them. Anyway in the retreat, we have session with some speakers from church talking about the relation of God to human as well human to human.

One of the speakers said that he said he feels the love from God so much, because even when he has a weird sickness that makes him in high school have to be hospitalised for one month and the next month he’s in school again. He said it’s like a cycle to be in hospital and attend school. And he also tell the miracles from God on a girl that during the crisis in 1998 is raped by some ill-mannered people. And it results to her reproductive organ to not function well. Shortly spoken, she can’t bear a child. It’s like a nightmare for her. But then God always with her. Short story, she met the son of a pastor. He’s in love with her and one day he propose to marry her. Even though he knows that she can’t bear a child. Another love from God comes. After they are married, she feels pain in her stomach and the next thing she knows that she is pregnant.
Well, that’s the story, actually it can be more detail, but then I forgot the details. My bad.

Then there’s another speaker and he talks about marriage(?) What a random topic. He said that’s what his mom ask him that time when he’s only in junior high school so still about 14 yrs old. Do you want to get married? If yes then what do you need to prepare. 1st thing is the bride. Well of course. and the next thing is a good house in the skirt(not in the center) of Jakarta probably around 1billion rupiahs as well as a car about 200mil, then the marriage fee itself about 300 mil. So to get married it’s like you have to have 1.5 billion divided by about 10 years. The time between his age that time and the age he wants to get married. So from that time in junior high he has to have 150 million per year. Back then, we have a huge dream, but then as soon as we grows up usually the dreams decrease. And if like me now the time that is 10 years has decreased to 7 years and for these 4 years in uni, I might not work yet. so deduct by 4 becomes 3 years. And during these 3 years I have to make it to 1.5 billion. Ha. But of course God will help. It can be through my parents and the groom-to-be, we can collaborate to pay together. Anyway, he also told us to have a plan. At least know what will we do tomorrow. So before sleep, we have to know what will we do tomorrow and then make the day meaningful.

Okay I will stop now. It’s up to the readers to read or not. But if you go this far to the bottom. Thank God. I hope it helps, but if it confuses you, feel free to ask 😀