10 Facts About Myself

Today is a great day to post something fresh in wordpress 🙂 I know I’ve been vacuum and not updating anything these past months, however it’s a good opportunity to start posting regularly in this blog! Blog is a really great tool to express yourself and share to others about what’s useful and good. They say sharing is caring. We can actually share anything in blog, well except private stuffs, and actually can benefit from it. So today I’m going to share the simplest thing on earth that is writing about myself. The facts about me :

1. I’m an introvert

Enough said

2. I like to think before I act, sometimes overthinking

This is really what I don’t like and I want to change it like so bad. Usually I think like thousand times before I do something like homeworks, meeting with people and many more. I took a lot of planning and thinking about this and that, which is good, but being more spontaneous is what I’m looking for right now. Be brave to make mistakes 🙂

3. I’m a happy person

Because currently still on a holiday and the university life will start in 4 days XD

4. I like adventures, like to travel and seeing other part of the world

I’ve visited several parts of Indonesia and also nearby countries which are beautiful. Every place has its own beauty, food, people as well as cultures. It’s a nice thing to experience all of them when visiting a new place.

5. I recently like Yoga

Well, being in a holiday for more than 2 months, of course I need something new to my life. I need something refreshing and I found this exercise that unites body mind and soul. It’s really a great way to improve my posture and to reduce worries also I see that it is a great tool to know your body. I started in July attending trial yoga class with my mom and I said I didn’t want it that time. Well, part of it because all of the participant were grown-up women and I was like so young compared to them 🙂 But then I like the movement of Yoga. I feel more relaxed after doing it. So I think I’m going to continue even in the dorm room 🙂

6. I loovee Chinese food

Being Chinese makes me love it even more 😀

7. I love Pandas

Cause I don’t know what creature is any cuter… than a PANDA

8. Purple and Green are favourites

Favourite colours today but who knows tomorrow I might change into other colour 

9. Currently addicted to Michelle Phan’s videos

Michelle Phan is an inspirational youtuber cause not only does she post make-up tutorials which I love to watch but also her motivational and self-growth video makes me love her even more 😉

10. Beautiful 😉


OK I will stop right here

Because what matters are being yourself 😀