Clipping and Stapling

So I thought of the word clipping, and you know what it annoys me. Don’t think there isn’t any good reason on why I hate this word right now. So let’s start the story :

Once upon a time, in front of a quite famous private university there is this tall enormous building. Its front part are covered with glasses which is green blue-ish when you see them on sunlight. Can you guess what it is? Yes. It’s a boarding house with a lot of rooms. Well, I don’t blame you if think you don’t expect that at first. It looks like an office from the description before. And you know what inside it, on the 3rd floor, the room just near the stairs, there is this room. Full of danger and anger and hate and all of it burns with fire. Cause that was me. Getting mad. Ok. Nope, just kidding. I am inside my room, just doing this annoying thing called “Remove the label”. You know those things they clip on your clothes when you put them in laundry. I think its called laundry label. In my case, it’s written “34xx” which is my room number. And these stuffs need to be removed before you wear your clothes. Well, unless if you don’t mind feeling itchy or uncomfortable with their existence in your T-shirts or pants.

Now the question is why oh why do they still need to clip those labels on the clothes? I understand that in order not to mix all kind of humans clothes in this quite big boarding house, you need to put them on. But, in some of my clothes, they already write on the original label of the clothes(it’s where the brand of your clothes are written) with markers. Is it not enough to distinguish them from others(?) zzz.

Okay maybe I’m too lebay (indonesian word for exagerrating) for complaining on these things. But the reality is : It is somehow not worth my time by taking time on cutting them one by one using scissors. Second, it’s not my favorite thing to do. Okay, maybe it’s the least interesting thing to do. Imagine one time cutting that maybe took 2 secs. Time taken for you to remove another 2 seconds. So total for me doing it to 15 pieces of cloth may take 60 secs. Time to gather all of those little puny things : 5 secs. Time taken to go to the dustbin 5 secs. And throwing them takes 2 secs. It just waste one minute of my lifee. :0

ps: Okay after writing this I realize that it doesn’t take as much time as I would imagine. So the saying “Time goes slow when you don’t enjoy what you’re doing” really is true!

Another thing that gives my brain the opposite stimulus is the word stapling. Ok. Get ready for good and bad news. Do you know that you can staple things without using those shiny, metal staples? If you do then it’s a bad news for you as I’m going to tell you about it. You can skip if you want to. And if you don’t then definitely scroll down to you know, read and learn. Don’t worry, it’s a new thing for me too as my sister just told me like 2 weeks ago. This is one cute picture of the stapler :

Kokuyo’s staple-less stapler that doesn’t leave holes

Alright. So what is it like to have stapler without staples. Last week, I went to the bookstore to proof it myself. And it’s true I don’t need any staples to bond those papers. It actually uses the paper itself to bond with each other.

What I see in the bookstore was this staples with Japanese brand, I’m not sure about the brand but what I see in the article the brand is Kokuyo. I tried and it’s makes me amazed and fell in love with this beautiful non-living creature.

There are 2 kinds of staple-less stapler. The one that leaves hole and this one that leaving no hole, neater i guess. If you wanna know how the one that leaves hole works : see this. It makes me go ahh now I know why. What I read about this staple-less stapler-that-doesn’t-leave-holes is that they use this method called press lock method. The definition of the method more or less is that the serrated metal teeth of the stapler do the paper bonding with pressure. Like this Harinacs stapler from Kokuyo does. It leaves neat and clean result on the papers.

While you can easily staple the paper, without refilling the staples that do takes time, it does have some disadvantages. One of them is it can’t bond too many papers. At 5 or 8 pieces of papers according to a youtube vids I watched, it still works well, but when it reach more than that, it is too fragile. The paper might fall down if you shake them. But for a creature that amazes me it still is the best thing ever. Maybe someone will try to improve that trait in the future? Who knows right?

If you want to know more about this staple-less stapler read this.

Life Update

Hello world!

Today I just want to share a glimpse of what my life have been doing. So, since this is the end of October, I want to share some of my activities in October. This October, I did :

My second until fifth week of university  life. Thank God I can cope with all of the assignments and the activities outside lectures. Although I admit that I haven’t give my best in the quizzes and study much. Mid term is in 2 more weeks and some people said that it’s important to do well in mid-term so yeahh let’s do it!

Join the BNCC activist selection and has been accepted 😉

Anddd as my current status is activist of a club, along with other activists, we have our apprentice project. The apprentice project consists of several tasks that will be submitted due to next 2 weeks. I myself has responsibility of the task making the organizational structure of BNCC. I want it to be unique so I make the structure be like chalk writing on the blackboard (well, it’s a green board tbh). I am pretty sure everything will go well! FYI, Our team name is zodiak as we are the 12th group.

Join Legio Maria, although only once come to the meeting. (._.)v

Join Ancilla Domini last week – it’s like a choir lalaallala..

Go for photo hunting with the photography club. Meet some beautiful models. The male models are beautiful too ~ LOL. Andd it’s a lovely opportunity. I got to use 50mm 1.8 lens, the result is very sharp! I want one too L The owner said it’s about 800k rupiahs. Gotta spend less money and start saving !

Got a one week holiday last week. It’s an off class week. So the lecturer sent us the homeworks online, hoping that we will do it at home. Although I’m not going anywhere last week but it’s a lovely week 😀

I have some emotional breakdown that makes me feel really meh. But then it’s over and well hope that I will stay positive 😀

I really want to go somewhere : malls or even recreational places and buy something online

That’s all see you next week! plan to blog every week. 🙂