Inspired and Encouraged

I am backk in this creative world of mine after like.. 7 months (?) Yay! It doesn’t matter right? Hehehe. The thing that matter is that I have declared to be active again in this blog!

Why? You may asked. Well I don’t even know who read this blog except me, since this is becoming more and more like a personal blog. *It is a personal blog from the start, babo!* Well I did want to post in August, but its saved as draft I don’t know why. Back to topic, I try to make time everyday, or at least every week to write something. My personal goal is to write it everyday like Jon Jorgenson or Seth Godin did. They post everyday! I can’t even imagine! The thing is if we write everyday it is some kind of discipline. Or if you want to write a book for example, it’s a great practice that makes you creative and don’t get stuck in the middle of writing it!

I really get inspiration from Jon Jorgenson. He is a great motivational speaker. Even more, he is a follower of Jesus. He also recently got married to a woman he loves. *okay stawhp* He talks about the bible and encouraging others together with his amazing team at @theanimaseries. Check their youtube vids out! They are awesome.

Currently they are preparing for their tour in the US. How I wish I am there and can watch him and his team member! O.O Well at least I participated his kickstarter fundraising stuff, and I get an ebook as a reward!

As I mention earlier, he also writes a blog. For me, His blog mainly talks about creativity, personal growth, christianity and also lesson learned kind of stuff. This post about him is about self-help addiction. For me, it’s true that some people read self-help book, but don’t take action. And as a result we don’t make a difference. We end up cluing some stuff up, but never doing. It kind of remain me of myself. Like I read books, I know what’s good to do and what’s preventing me to achieve success, but rarely doing it.

Actually, self-help book usually contains guides or instruction “how to read the book”(well at least for the book I have read). And the author always emphasize on don’t just read, but apply it in your daily life, so that it become useful. #thereyouhaveit. That’s why I am encouraged to do different each time I read. It doesn’t matter how deep your knowledge may be, if you don’t know how to transform them to attitude, skill or habits. Then you can compare the one who is knowledgeable and the one who is smart. The one that knows what they are doing and the one that just know theories.

Well, see you tomorrow in the blog!
*yes I will make time to post!*

P.s. : check out my 52 weeks photo project 😋. I am trying to finish it off this year, but I think I will take it all the way to 2016. 😅