A Message from God

Pray and Let go of your Worries cause God will always be There for you

Feeling blessed and happy 😀

Always remember

God will never let you alone

God will always provide the best for us

Even though what He provides might look a little different from what we exactly want

Believe that the life that God creates for us is part of his BIG plan

So now if you’re worried about your future, about the past, about everything that bothers you

Just come to God

Belive that he has a beautiful plan

God has created us, even though we are full of sin..

And each and every one of us is unique and can take part in our own way

Maybe now we don’t know what we would become

Maybe now the condition and situation around us is not what we want it to be

But Again Keep coming to God, Pray and believe

There’s an interesting story told by the guys at the praying place last night :

In life we are like an arrow.

Being put on the arc, pulled pulled and pulled to the maximum amount

And finally the archer can let go of the arrow, far and wide

In Life, God is the archer

He is the hero that pull and pull and pull all of us through all of these processes

Good or Bad

Being pulled might be painful

Being pulled might make us cry

But after all of these things, there is a beautiful result

Always believe that God will always be there

We gotta be on the right path and praise the Lord 🙂