Hey is such a word

Hey is such a talk

a very small talk

that starts our conversation

Hey is the beginning

of all of this

that happens

I wish you knew that

the Hey changes everything

perhaps I’m too delusional

or imaginative

but the hey you said

is not overly fictive


it means a lot to me ūüôā


Not The Kind Of Night You See

The night I see might not be the kind of night you see

Waiting for Ketoprak sellers to finish my orders. I direct direct my view around. Observing.

Starting from left, I saw this enormous boarding house. It has 6th floors in total. The building is all white with the un-starry sky as a background. Some motorcycles are parked on the roads down to the building.

My eyes are distracted and start to move to the right

I see smokes flying up to the sky, The satay sellers are busy.

My view comes down a bit. And there’s fire. Burning orange. Burning those¬†chicken meats. And so it’s where the smokes comes from.

Shifting my view a bit to the right. The traffic is not as bad as when the sun is still up.

There are 2 minimarkets. Side by side, competing. Somehow. On the second floor of one of the stores, I saw some girls by the window laughing. Maybe they laugh about the jokes coming from their friends. Maybe not. I don’t know. Only they know.

The ketoprak seller is still busy too. His hand is moving very fast. Mixing the ingredients.

My orders are right after the old man’s. I’ve waited enough. My waiting has come to an end. Ketoprak is ready, and still hot as I bring it home.

The night I see might not be the kind of night you see.

The New Beginning

White Clear and Surreal

The light from God

Surround me

As if it is magic

And then everything changed

My burden

my sorrow

my pessimistic approach of life

My hands move by itself

My body gets recharged

Showing how great is He

It feels like a second chance

It feels like my heart becomes so light

Free and New

Its the new beginning

Its up to you to use it

6 Steps on How to Make Menus According to a Category

Ever wondering how can you make a special menu for your articles in specific category ? Indeed, I am confused how to do so in wordpress at first. Even¬†after searching and find an article on how to do it, I did it and fail. The problem is mainly because I can’t differ between page and menus. So actually, a page, ‘About me’ page for example, is a static page, you can fill whatever you want in that page, but you can’t add posts(unless you only want links to your posts). While in menus you can see that the pages is automatically added to menu. In menus you can check or uncheck the pages you want to be displayed in the appearance of your wordpress blog. And what we want here is adding the articles with the same category to a menu. Well, after some time, yes, I finally did make the menus according to the categories! And it’s actually pretty simple, you just click click click and it’s done. Well because I experience it myself, let me just guide you through these simple steps :

1. Go to yourblogname.wordpress.com/wp-admin/
2. Then go to yourblogname.wordpress.com/wp-admin/nav-menus.php

See the menus on the left side of the dashboard, hover your mouse to appearance >> Menus

3. Your computer / tablet/ smartphone screen will  look like this :


          Click on Categories

4. Next, you need to choose one category. In this case, I choose Essay and click Add to Menumenu2

5. The Essay category will pop out with grey colour.


6. You can easily change the category’s name to a new name by clicking on category in that grey box. ¬†Just change the name to the name you want to be displayed. Once you are done, you can click Save Menu


That’s all it takes to make menus filled with articles from certain category. Hope this helps and Good Luck on trying!