Why time? Why?

Why time is so serious.

Seriously fast.

Seriously keep going forward.

Sometimes, seriously annoying.

And by annoying, I mean it.

Sometimes you think you just can’t get enough time. I know the time for each human is the same, 24 hrs a day you get is the same with what successful people did. Yeah, and still it’s the thing that out of my control. Time is also the cause of today becoming so powerful. So powerfully empowering me to be faster, not wasting any time, the one that seriously bothers me. So, today I suddenly want to go to see sunset. I said I will be ready at 4 p.m. to go to nearest beach in town. And I didn’t show up till like 4.30. My dad called me already enraged with firee. Well, although my dad also sometimes can be as awful as I do. So, because I’m late, all the way to the beach, I’ve been lectured with how important time is, how can you be so “lelet” (a.k.a slow like turtle), how can you speak so unclearly,  how can you be so chill about your dad disciplining you HAHA. I’m sorry dad :(. But, well I’m so chill, maybe I am used to this frequency of his voice when he’s angry. A stern, loud voice, disciplining me from like 18 years ago. Okay, I learned my lesson well. I can’t watch sunset (and get sunset photos) in the beach today and end up crossing the Suramadu bridge as an alternative. Going across the bridge takes Rp 300000 and twice to come back home. Well, at least I got some photos on the bridge. It’s better than nothing right. *innocentface* 😀

Quote of the day : “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” [Ephesians 5: 15 – 17]

p.s. : the photo that I took today might be featured in my 52 week photo projects this weekend. Stay tuned!

Some advice from my Parents that I still keep in mind

Hi everyone 😀 it’s been about a year I don’t post anything in this blog. The thing is I usually log in into my wordpress, but end up reading other people’s articles and forgot to update mine and also I have not only this blog, but also the blogger blog, the tumblr blog and deviantart. Well I have to manage to update all of em. But the most active one is usually my blogger blog. 

Well, anyway, I’m not sure but I think I will move to other city for my university, leaving my parents and sibling for about 4 years. But that’s a possibility, still not sure yet. And talking about parents, Did your parents ever giving you any advice, maybe just little simple advice that you still keep in mind. Well, obviously you do have at least one, right? Today I will share some of the advice that stick in my mind. Well, humans are not perfect aren’t they? and so do I, this one naughty kid.


This is usually said by my Dad, he usually talk about this in the morning. That I should do morning exercise, which I rarely did. The last time he told me this is 2 days ago, he said it with these words : “If you don’t start to do this with discipline, I don’t know what will happen in university, when you no longer be pushed by your parents.” *a stab in my throat*

Set your back straight

This one advice is perhaps the most often said by my parents. Usually I don’t really care about my posture, I mean I know if it’s wrong, such as stooped position of sitting, but I think it’s like a habit. it takes time to change that.

Be brave

Because being shy is not helping you to express yourself

Do it faster

Well, I’m quite slow at doing things, such as taking a bath minimum takes 15 minutes. I tried to make it faster though. 

I think as far as I can remember that’s all the advice. How about you? do you have any advice that you still keep in your mind until now?