Science Experiment With Thermometer

I got some task by the physic teacher, Mr. Laurent. He asked my class to do these : Take the  temperature of hot boiling water and the melting ice (one with salt and the other without it)

In this post, I just wanna share about the experiment. For the ice experiment, first thing I do is prepare the equipment and the material. I need 2 glass, 8 ice cube, some salt, and a thermometer.

Then, I put 4 ice cubes in each glass. In one glass I spread some salt, maybe 2 or 3 teaspoons of salt. I wait for 3 minutes, until a part of the ice cubes are melting. Then, quickly I put the thermometer in the glass of pure ice cubes (without salt), and got 4 degree Celcius. I move the thermometer to the salty ice cube and got -1 degree celcius. From the internet, I knew that the reaction between the salt and the ice cube made the temperature lower.

For the hot boiling water experiment, I need a pan, stove for heating the water, thermometer and a glass. I do several try in it. For the first try, I heat the water, then after 1 minute, pour the water in a glass. After that, I take the temperature, the red liquid inside the thermometer going up to 71. I’m a little unsatisfied, I thought it should be 100 degree, right?


when the temperature slowly goes to 71 degree celcius

Second try. I heat the water and pour it to the glass right after it boils. I got 82 degree.In the 3rd try, After the water boils, I turn the stove off, and put the thermometer in. I got 91 degree. I thought, “Could it be the water boils at 91 degree? I better give it one more try”. I heat the water until it boils and I don’t turn off the stove, I put the thermometer in and it slowly crawling from 91 to 99 degree, I wait about 30 seconds and finally! I got 100 degree. I’m truly relieved.

That’s all for my post today. The science experiment that I do in my house. Thanks for stopping by and read my post.