Break Your Jail, Man!

First of all, this is not just for man but woman as well as long as you are human, you are welcome to view this post. Second, This is what I got from a book. Feel free to add your opinion if you don’t agree or in line with the ideas.

Do you ever feel that whatever you do you never feel secure, afraid of failure, inconsistent, impatience, lacking confidence and not sure how to do it? I’m sure everyone know and ever feel it. Because we’re only human. And it’s normal that we feel that way. But don’t you think it prevents us to achieve success? Don’t you think those little voices actually stopping you to take action? In the book Break Your Jail to be a Success by Michael Yo, a motivator and coach in Indonesia, you will learn what actually put you into Jail and stopping you.

He explain that every human being has their own Jail, not physically, but rather as a form of their beliefs. There are 12 kinds of jails.

1. Jail in Process
2. Jail in Mind
3. Jail in Attitude
4. Jail in Belief
5. Jail in Goals
6. Jail in Failures
7. Jail in Action
8. Jail in Consistence
9. Jail in Entrepreneur
10. Jail in Networking
11. Jail in Give
12. Jail in Faith

Believe it or not, we all have this. The intensity or the period we already stayed in that jail may vary. Some people may dream Big but jailed in Action to pursue them. Some people with timid personality have trouble in creating network with people. Some lacks the belief that they can do it. And some may give up and not give attention to the process to be successful.

In this book, Michael Yo illustrates using story of successful people, that breaks the beliefs that people used to believe. That overcomes failure. That make groundbreaking achievement and success. The people includes Oprah Winfrey, Conrad Hilton, Akihiko Otsuka, Chris Gardner, Top Ittipath as well as Michael Jordan and other great people. He also uses the story and the morals we can learn from animals, like ants. Ants illustrates the spirit of teamwork, never give up motto, always looking for opportunities and did not like the word Comfort Zone.

The book provides information to choose the type of fear that will build you up, to focus on goals and believe that success is one packet with failures.

And in the last chapter he talk about faith. We should believe that God is good. And that way we learn to always be grateful.

To sum up, I didn’t regret impulse-buying this book at a seminar 3 days ago. After having Michael Yo himself as a speaker along with 3 other outstanding speakers in a seminar, I am curious to see what his book will be like. And finally I bought it. Although this book is written in Indonesian, but glad that he make each chapter’s title in English. Otherwise I have to translate all of em. It is one good decision to learn and finally share it in this blog. 😁 :mrgreen:

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Amazing Book : Success Principal For Teens

Hi bloggie! Lately, I was reading Jack Canfield and Kent Healy book called The Success Principles For Teens. It is a great book, I think. It helps us to get a better life and achieve our dreams. But How we get a better life?

In this book, they said that you must not do negative-thinking like complain and maes excuses when we’re in trouble, in the contrary, we must think positive that there is a good lesson behind all the bad things even the worst things in our life. Second, you must believe in yourself that you can do it(it can be anything, like when you’re nervous in giving a presentation, you must believe that you CAN do the presentation well). Saying “ I can do this. I surely can do this whatever it takes” perhaps can help you to achieve success.

They also said that you can write 101 big wishes you would like to achieve and also your goal in life. I don’t finished the book yet, so that’s what I learned. If you want to purchase this good book, you can go to

PS : Jack Canfield is the writer of Chicken Soup For The Soul Series and Jack Canfield is the writer of Cool Stuff They should teach in school. They’re both motivating and successful person.