Badminton-Tiny Biography of All England Winner 2012

Who loves playing badminton? You do? If you do, you should check this out. Do you know that in All England 2012 tournament, Indonesian mixed double team won the championship? I bet if you’re badminton freak, or badminton lover, you should know that. Here is the video of All England final between Indonesian team with Denmark team (Kamilla Rytter Juhl and Thomas Laybourn)

Video :

In this post, I will share tiny biography and fact about Lilyana Natsir and Tantowi Ahmad, two people who are now ranked 4 in the world. They are also the first team who win All England after there was no title for Indonesia in mixed double team since the year of 1979. I, myself, like to watch badminton and play badminton as well. Self taught. But, still can’t play the game as good as the pro, but at least, I can do it. :D. So without waiting longer, here’s the tiny biography..

Lilyana Natsir is a female badminton player from Manado, Indonesia. She was born in September, 9th 1985 and that means she is 26 years old now.  She begin to play badminton when she’s 9 years old and join a club in Manado. She quit school at the age of 12, and moved to Jakarta and choose to focused to be a badminton player. She join the club there, PB Tangkas. She shines in the mixed double badminton with her partner Nova Widianto. They won many medals and title including the Sea Games 2005, Indonesia Open 2005, World Championship in Anenheim in United States. She also play women’s double along with Vita Marissa.

Her nickname is Butet. It’s like the Indonesian song that also titled Butet. Do you know why she was called like that? In an interview in TV, she said that when she first enter the club, there are one friend who asked her name and she said Lilyana. Then her friend said, “Ah, That’s too long ! It’s better, from now on, I call you Butet, okay? Because in Medan, Butet is a love nickname. And because she’s the youngest, she agreed and therefore her friend called her Butet.

Tantowi Ahmad is a male badminton player specialized in Mixed double. He was born in 18th of July, 1987 on Banyumas, Indonesia. He begin to shine when partnered with Lilyana Natsir. Previously he partnered with Shendy Puspa Irawati and won the Vietnam GP in 2008. He also partnered with Richi Puspita Dili in 2009 and won many titles. In 2010, he partnered with Greysia Polii and then with Lilyana Natsir. So their journey as mixed double team begin at 2010.

That’s all about the tiny biography (It’s tiny right?) of Lilyana Natsir and Tantowi Ahmad, the mixed double team who won All England 2012. Thanks for reading my post. 😀

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