Best Korean Solo Singers (according to me)

Since I have been in K-wave mode for a while, I decided to make this article! I observe that some groups and soloist are amazing at their own way. There are some great dancers like Shinee or Exo, as well as many groups who excel in their vocals. But today I will share my favorites solo singer based on their voice. Let’s see!

  1. Ailee


Ailee has a super cool voice and range of songs of different genre. I first discover her through the song Heaven. The song itself really shows her voice quality. I love how she can hit the high notes so smoothly and seems to have a really bright personality. And one more : She’s so pretty!

  1. Amber


This boyish singer right here is part of f(x) group, but she decided to make her own album as well. I really like her duet song with eric nam, I just wanna, and her solo : Shake that brass (which sounds like breast when she sing it, but okay forget my randomness). She also has a lovely personality. I think she’s so sociable and can blend in really well with other K-celebs and singers.

  1. Lee Hi


I found her first time, through her song Rose. And I LOVE it. I played over and over again when I first heard it. It’s just so catchy and nice. Even though I don’t really understand the meaning, it leaves a deep impression on me.

  1. Jun K


I admit his voice is just so classic and deep. He’s also in 2PM boyband in charge of vocal, so no wonder his voice is so good. I love his single No Love. In one song, he sang ballad as well as rap which is so cool. Saranghaeyo Jun K!

  1. Jung Yong Hwa


Jung Yong Hwa is the vocalist of CN Blue band. But he also release his solo album. I love his smooth voice and his personality too. Admit it, he likes to smile and when he smiles It’s like (I’m melting). Although I’m not really a fan of pop songs. But his voice is just so pleasant to hear.

  1. Jung Joon Young


Jung Joon Young is a perfect combination of my love of rock song and his deep, crispy voice! I love his all of his songs. And my favorite is currently Teenager.

  1. Ok Taecyeon



Okay. This is probably because I’m biased by Oppa Taecyeon looks and personality. Seems so manly and beast-y. He’s also a part of 2PM like Jun K, but he handles the rap part. He is also an entrepreneur and a great actor. When he sing, I just like his voice. Okay maybe I’m too biased for this one. But anyway he’s great at rapping!

  1. Eric Nam


And finally Eric Nam! This guy is kind of like Jung Yong Hwa but in a different way. His voice is smooth and even better when he sings English songs! Well because I can understand more about the song than when it is in Korean haha.  He’s also so talented in being a host of music broadcast, like ASC (After School Club).


Achooo! God Bless You

Today I just want to share my result of long-occupied curiousity. As my title stated, it’s about sneeze. One simple question. Why people say God Bless You after hearing people sneeze? Why on earth do you do that?

Sneeze is a way to let something out of your nose and mouth, caused by irritation due to the mucus membrane in the nose or throat. Fun Facts : Sneeze can travel up to 100 miles per hour. And it can transmit diseases too. But is this the cause of why people say “God Bless You” after they heard sneezing?

To understand why, we have to get back in time. The term “God Bless You” is believed coming from Pope Gregory I. At the time he was a Pope, the epidemic of Bubonic Plague reaches Rome. Sneeze is one of the early symptoms of the disease. So, He found a way to put a stop to it, by saying the magic word. Some people say your heart will stop beating when you sneeze. Bless you is a way to ensure the return of life and makes sure that heart will continue beating. Though when I search for it, a website says the frequency of a heart beat alters, but it doesn’t stop.

Another version of this stated that when you sneeze, you actually pull your soul out. And it increases the risk of evil spirit to come into. And thus, we say “God Bless You” to protect the sneezers from the evil. This version is a bit scary, though.

Sneeze is also associated with things in a particular culture. One of them is Asian Culture. In Asia, including my country, when you sneeze it means someone is talking about you.

And thus problem solved. Now I know why people say the magic word, after the sneeze.

11 Things You Should Know About Baymax

Who doesn’t love Baymax? I really do love this character from a Disney animated movies, Big Hero 6. This personal healthcare companion is big, huggable, very humble and caring. I want to have it as my personal healthcare companion too ! It will reduce the cost to go to doctor and it’s nice to have someone to tell your story and secrets. As well as to detect what’s wrong with you, mentally and physically. Have you watch the movie? If you do, then you might or might not recognize these 11 things you should know about baymax XD.

  1. Baymax is Caring
    As a personal healthcare companion, Baymax is a very caring robot. He even helps Hiro, the main character in Big Hero 6, to rate his pain. 😀

    How would you rate your pain?

  2. Baymax is Understanding
    When Hiro lost his brother, he is very down and depressed. Along with his friends, Baymax help him to get better. It tries to understand him and comfort him as well.

    I want a hug too :3

    I want a hug too :3

  3. Baymax Lets You Cry When You are in Pain
    Because it’s a natural response of pain. Way to go Baymax!

    It's alright to cry - Baymax

    It’s Alright to Cry

  4. It Needs Some Care too
    Especially in low-battery mode
  5. Baymax is Not Fast
    It is not. For Real.
  6. Baymax is a Cat Person Robot
    It’s adorable to watch the interaction.
    Baymax pet a cat
  7. It can Diagnose Really Well
    It can really help people in the world if it is equipped with all kind of diseases database. Like puberty for example.

    Diagnosis : Puberty

  8. Baymax Hug’s is the Best
    I mean, who can resist to hug Baymax?
  9. Baymax Does an Awkward Fist Bump
    And it goes ba la la la la
  10. Baymax is Tadashi’s Gift
    Baymax is actually made by Tadashi, Hiro’s brother for Hiro. It is also created to help others too.
    Baymax is Tadashi's gift
  11. Baymax is a Hero!
    And finally, with the gear and engines, Baymax becomes part of Big Hero 6. It’s a hero indeed!

Baymax is a wonderful Robot. Who knows in the future, there will be many Baymax(es) in the world to help doctors cure the sick? Well, one can have hope right?

The Meaning Behind Chinese Paintings

I’m pretty sure that every artist has their own interpretation of art, especially their art. There is a purpose and meaning behind each of them. This is also the case for Chinese Paintings. It is often associated with Feng Shui and auspicious ability.

When I look at my father’s work room, there is a Chinese painting hanging on the wall. In the picture, A rooster stands on a branch, with a tree along with the hen and chicken behind him. I never been so interested in painting, but I look it up anyway. I expect “adding longetivity, success, health or well-being” kind of thing. But I was wrong. It means valiancy or bravery or courage in general. But with different environment, the definition will be different as well. If the rooster stands on a rock, it symbolizes “good luck in your family” while if it is drawn with the hen and chicken, it represents the hope of parents that their kids will be successful. Well then if it’s both of them, I assume it symbolizes both(?)

There are other famous Chinese painting about animal. One of them is the Running Man Horse paintings. Horse is the symbol of honour, auspiciousness and authority. It is often compared to talented person as well. Horse painting is associated with progress, positivity and prosperity. The 8 Running Horse (8 Noble Horses) symbolizes group of talented people moving forward with bravery and successfully. It can also symbolizes a good career and quick action.

8 noble horses. creds to :

Another animal which I frequently see is the Koi Fish Painting. It literally is in every chinese restaurant I visit, especially the traditional one. They are accompanied with Lotus, which means purity, struggle and change in life. Commonly it consist of 9 Koi fish, mostly red, with one black and one gold. Well, it’s not surprising that each one has their own meaning. These are their colors and respective meanings.

  • Kohaku (white body and red spots) symbolizes : success in your career.
  • Kumonryu(white body and black spots or all black symbolizes : life changes and transformations.
  • Ogon (silver colored) represents : success in business and wealth.
  • Kuchibeni (lipstick fish, White and red patterned) represents : love and long lasting relationships.
  • Yamabuki (gold) symbolizes : wealth.
  • Blue Koi symbolizes : Reproduction, overcoming difficulties
  • Dragon Koi symbolizes : Overcoming difficulties, begin a new page of life

Koi Painting. source :

For those who are hoping to be blessed with offsprings, there is the Rabbit Panting. It is a symbol for prosperous offspring generation after generation. While 2 rabbits expresses tranquility, peace and compassion.

How about Panda? Yes there is a painting for the animal which is originated from China. As I research I think it is possible that there is a painting for each and every animal. This cute, rare animal represent friendship and peace, joy as well as harmony. Back in the old days, Giant Panda was treated as a beast equivalent with cheetah or other wild beast. But now, it is symbolizing peace and showing hostility.

Baby Panda. source :

There are other paintings, aside of animals, as well, like Bamboo painting (Persistency and Strength), Paddy Field painting(Prosperity), Pine Tree painting(Strength and Determination that last forever) and other beautiful ones.

I’ve read that to observe and read a Chinese painting is like having discussion with the past. The more we read paintings, scrolls, as well as calligraphy or other artwork, it will create an intimate experience with them. And thus, the meaning is gradually revealed. I don’t particularly believe that the painting do bring good luck or it’s auspicious ability. What I love is that it’s a cultural heritage. China has one. And so does other countries. There is a saying : “We learn from the past for a better tommorrow”. Thus, I hope the traditional art and culture remains and preserved.

Source :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Read more about about Chinese Paintings and the History

Clipping and Stapling

So I thought of the word clipping, and you know what it annoys me. Don’t think there isn’t any good reason on why I hate this word right now. So let’s start the story :

Once upon a time, in front of a quite famous private university there is this tall enormous building. Its front part are covered with glasses which is green blue-ish when you see them on sunlight. Can you guess what it is? Yes. It’s a boarding house with a lot of rooms. Well, I don’t blame you if think you don’t expect that at first. It looks like an office from the description before. And you know what inside it, on the 3rd floor, the room just near the stairs, there is this room. Full of danger and anger and hate and all of it burns with fire. Cause that was me. Getting mad. Ok. Nope, just kidding. I am inside my room, just doing this annoying thing called “Remove the label”. You know those things they clip on your clothes when you put them in laundry. I think its called laundry label. In my case, it’s written “34xx” which is my room number. And these stuffs need to be removed before you wear your clothes. Well, unless if you don’t mind feeling itchy or uncomfortable with their existence in your T-shirts or pants.

Now the question is why oh why do they still need to clip those labels on the clothes? I understand that in order not to mix all kind of humans clothes in this quite big boarding house, you need to put them on. But, in some of my clothes, they already write on the original label of the clothes(it’s where the brand of your clothes are written) with markers. Is it not enough to distinguish them from others(?) zzz.

Okay maybe I’m too lebay (indonesian word for exagerrating) for complaining on these things. But the reality is : It is somehow not worth my time by taking time on cutting them one by one using scissors. Second, it’s not my favorite thing to do. Okay, maybe it’s the least interesting thing to do. Imagine one time cutting that maybe took 2 secs. Time taken for you to remove another 2 seconds. So total for me doing it to 15 pieces of cloth may take 60 secs. Time to gather all of those little puny things : 5 secs. Time taken to go to the dustbin 5 secs. And throwing them takes 2 secs. It just waste one minute of my lifee. :0

ps: Okay after writing this I realize that it doesn’t take as much time as I would imagine. So the saying “Time goes slow when you don’t enjoy what you’re doing” really is true!

Another thing that gives my brain the opposite stimulus is the word stapling. Ok. Get ready for good and bad news. Do you know that you can staple things without using those shiny, metal staples? If you do then it’s a bad news for you as I’m going to tell you about it. You can skip if you want to. And if you don’t then definitely scroll down to you know, read and learn. Don’t worry, it’s a new thing for me too as my sister just told me like 2 weeks ago. This is one cute picture of the stapler :

Kokuyo’s staple-less stapler that doesn’t leave holes

Alright. So what is it like to have stapler without staples. Last week, I went to the bookstore to proof it myself. And it’s true I don’t need any staples to bond those papers. It actually uses the paper itself to bond with each other.

What I see in the bookstore was this staples with Japanese brand, I’m not sure about the brand but what I see in the article the brand is Kokuyo. I tried and it’s makes me amazed and fell in love with this beautiful non-living creature.

There are 2 kinds of staple-less stapler. The one that leaves hole and this one that leaving no hole, neater i guess. If you wanna know how the one that leaves hole works : see this. It makes me go ahh now I know why. What I read about this staple-less stapler-that-doesn’t-leave-holes is that they use this method called press lock method. The definition of the method more or less is that the serrated metal teeth of the stapler do the paper bonding with pressure. Like this Harinacs stapler from Kokuyo does. It leaves neat and clean result on the papers.

While you can easily staple the paper, without refilling the staples that do takes time, it does have some disadvantages. One of them is it can’t bond too many papers. At 5 or 8 pieces of papers according to a youtube vids I watched, it still works well, but when it reach more than that, it is too fragile. The paper might fall down if you shake them. But for a creature that amazes me it still is the best thing ever. Maybe someone will try to improve that trait in the future? Who knows right?

If you want to know more about this staple-less stapler read this.

Badminton-Tiny Biography of All England Winner 2012

Who loves playing badminton? You do? If you do, you should check this out. Do you know that in All England 2012 tournament, Indonesian mixed double team won the championship? I bet if you’re badminton freak, or badminton lover, you should know that. Here is the video of All England final between Indonesian team with Denmark team (Kamilla Rytter Juhl and Thomas Laybourn)

Video :

In this post, I will share tiny biography and fact about Lilyana Natsir and Tantowi Ahmad, two people who are now ranked 4 in the world. They are also the first team who win All England after there was no title for Indonesia in mixed double team since the year of 1979. I, myself, like to watch badminton and play badminton as well. Self taught. But, still can’t play the game as good as the pro, but at least, I can do it. :D. So without waiting longer, here’s the tiny biography..

Lilyana Natsir is a female badminton player from Manado, Indonesia. She was born in September, 9th 1985 and that means she is 26 years old now.  She begin to play badminton when she’s 9 years old and join a club in Manado. She quit school at the age of 12, and moved to Jakarta and choose to focused to be a badminton player. She join the club there, PB Tangkas. She shines in the mixed double badminton with her partner Nova Widianto. They won many medals and title including the Sea Games 2005, Indonesia Open 2005, World Championship in Anenheim in United States. She also play women’s double along with Vita Marissa.

Her nickname is Butet. It’s like the Indonesian song that also titled Butet. Do you know why she was called like that? In an interview in TV, she said that when she first enter the club, there are one friend who asked her name and she said Lilyana. Then her friend said, “Ah, That’s too long ! It’s better, from now on, I call you Butet, okay? Because in Medan, Butet is a love nickname. And because she’s the youngest, she agreed and therefore her friend called her Butet.

Tantowi Ahmad is a male badminton player specialized in Mixed double. He was born in 18th of July, 1987 on Banyumas, Indonesia. He begin to shine when partnered with Lilyana Natsir. Previously he partnered with Shendy Puspa Irawati and won the Vietnam GP in 2008. He also partnered with Richi Puspita Dili in 2009 and won many titles. In 2010, he partnered with Greysia Polii and then with Lilyana Natsir. So their journey as mixed double team begin at 2010.

That’s all about the tiny biography (It’s tiny right?) of Lilyana Natsir and Tantowi Ahmad, the mixed double team who won All England 2012. Thanks for reading my post. 😀

Source : Wikipedia-Lilyana-Natsir, Kaskus-Lilyana-Natsir, Lilyana-Natsir-Butet, Wikipedia-Tantowi-Ahmad