Hi! I’m Christina Desiani. Currently, I am a high school student a university student from Surabaya, Indonesia.  20 years living on planet Earth. Might live in Mars in the future. Who knows? haha. Legal to Drive and am capable to drive, but still need to learn about how to park a car. Learning to write well and know that I’m gonna be better in writing day by day. I am a bookworm, my specialty is books like biography, non-fiction book, although I am also excited to see fictions such as Land Of Stories (I know I’m too old for children books lol). I like to watch cartoon movies. And korean dramas. And ANTM. Or any franchise of ANTM. Love green and blue and purple too. Like to sing in the bathroom. Nice to meet you!

About my Blog

I blog about my thoughts, my essay, and I like to write kind-of-like poems. Basically whatever I want to post here. I am now trying to write consistently. Originally, I plan to write everyday. But maybe I will start from doing it once a month or once a week? I know I’m so not consistent 😀 Hopefully I will make better writings as a way to express myself. My dream is to write my own book! Amen

Why Wandering Lust?

This is what I thought in my mind while making the header, “It sounds good! And it’s so me!” I don’t even know what lust actually means. I thought it’s like Wanderlust, but I extend it. “Wandering” is like my always wandering mind. *wellatleastrightnow* It’s also to represent my dream to travel Indonesia and the world. But then I search about lust, and it says sinful sensual apetite, very strong sexual desire. 0.0 I don’t intend to make it like this though.

But after I search about it, I now that it’s not really “wrong” if you think of lust as this :

a passionate desire for something.
I like to think about my blog as my satisfaction of thirst and hunger of information. Because sometimes, I will share my knowledge or my curiosity. But, beware! Most of the time, I probably just express what’s in my mind.

I also like photography, I post my photos in other blog –> Deciphotos. And my 2015 52 Weeks Project. Do visit if you’re curious about them!


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