Best Korean Solo Singers (according to me)

Since I have been in K-wave mode for a while, I decided to make this article! I observe that some groups and soloist are amazing at their own way. There are some great dancers like Shinee or Exo, as well as many groups who excel in their vocals. But today I will share my favorites solo singer based on their voice. Let’s see!

  1. Ailee


Ailee has a super cool voice and range of songs of different genre. I first discover her through the song Heaven. The song itself really shows her voice quality. I love how she can hit the high notes so smoothly and seems to have a really bright personality. And one more : She’s so pretty!

  1. Amber


This boyish singer right here is part of f(x) group, but she decided to make her own album as well. I really like her duet song with eric nam, I just wanna, and her solo : Shake that brass (which sounds like breast when she sing it, but okay forget my randomness). She also has a lovely personality. I think she’s so sociable and can blend in really well with other K-celebs and singers.

  1. Lee Hi


I found her first time, through her song Rose. And I LOVE it. I played over and over again when I first heard it. It’s just so catchy and nice. Even though I don’t really understand the meaning, it leaves a deep impression on me.

  1. Jun K


I admit his voice is just so classic and deep. He’s also in 2PM boyband in charge of vocal, so no wonder his voice is so good. I love his single No Love. In one song, he sang ballad as well as rap which is so cool. Saranghaeyo Jun K!

  1. Jung Yong Hwa


Jung Yong Hwa is the vocalist of CN Blue band. But he also release his solo album. I love his smooth voice and his personality too. Admit it, he likes to smile and when he smiles It’s like (I’m melting). Although I’m not really a fan of pop songs. But his voice is just so pleasant to hear.

  1. Jung Joon Young


Jung Joon Young is a perfect combination of my love of rock song and his deep, crispy voice! I love his all of his songs. And my favorite is currently Teenager.

  1. Ok Taecyeon



Okay. This is probably because I’m biased by Oppa Taecyeon looks and personality. Seems so manly and beast-y. He’s also a part of 2PM like Jun K, but he handles the rap part. He is also an entrepreneur and a great actor. When he sing, I just like his voice. Okay maybe I’m too biased for this one. But anyway he’s great at rapping!

  1. Eric Nam


And finally Eric Nam! This guy is kind of like Jung Yong Hwa but in a different way. His voice is smooth and even better when he sings English songs! Well because I can understand more about the song than when it is in Korean haha.  He’s also so talented in being a host of music broadcast, like ASC (After School Club).

2 thoughts on “Best Korean Solo Singers (according to me)

  1. Ahh Eric Nam is absolutely adorable!! Have you seen him and Solar in We Got Married? They’re so cute! 🙂 And Lee Hi’s new album is perfection!

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