Friendly reminder : competition with myself and positive self talk

Just wanted to remind something to myself that

You are in competition with no one but yourself

After watching a motivational video, I realize this myself. I like to compare myself to other people. And as a result there is this feeling of self conscious, lack of self confidence and just sad.
If I were to make myself better, I should realize that I don’t need to compare to others but my own self in the past. I don’t need to compete with them. If I compete with someone smarter, then I might feel small because I don’t have that same gift that he has. If I compare myself to someone lazier or i don’t think have the ability like me, then I might feel better and become arrogant. I should have compare to the yesterday me. The yesterday me might do the wrong things, that is regretted by the today me. But its never too late to change to a better me, right?

Also, it’s important to have a positive talk to myself. A positive talk will build confidence, therefore a brand new person. This also needs a base of spiritualism. When I realize there is something bigger, the almighty, that have my back and always love me. I realize that every trouble is given to make me stronger. If life is just flat, then there might be nothing interesting to do. If life is with some challenges or even full of challenges, we have the ability to become stronger. We might come out with bruises , but definitely a strong one.


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