Another Day Another Year

I’m back in the wordpress world! Long time no post… I just remembered my own promise to keep the blog updated every few days in a week. Annd I didn’t done it consistently yet..

Anywayy today is another day in another year, what I mean is that today is the day when I was born. I put a +1 to my age today. Not so many people congratulates me for that, but I don’t think it matters. Another year is another year. Another day is another day. It really is nothing super special , worth celebrating for. Celebration is to make you remember that you’ve gone through one year. And I know that it’s another year I’ve been through. I know I am still far from perfect or from where I want to be and who I want to be, but I am grateful for everything. Everything God has given to me and entrusted me with the life I have today.

I personally hope I will get better in decision making, think positive thoughts, and do the best for every steps that I take. And lastly, I hope and I can spread love in my surroundings.

I recently shop a lot, so I also hope that I can be better in managing money. That I will be in control of the money, and not the other way around.

In faith and beliefs, I hope I can put my faith more in God and his plan for me. I will be someone stronger with peace as I rely on the Creator and the one who gives Forgiveness and Salvation. Making time for praying and giving thanks. Be more active in service, any kind of it.

And also for studies, I have the ability to learn quicker and smarter. So I hope I will develop a way to learn with curiousity so that my grades are good and all of the things I learned be useful. I also want to allocate my free time not only to watch drama or only getting lazy, but also reading books. The books that interests me like self-improvement book, biographies, motivational and the book that will benefits me as well.

I know every hope will be useless if I only dream and put it in my head, while not giving each of them a try. So lastly I will quote Cinderella’s quote in the movie, ‘Have Courage and Be Kind’. I will have the courage to do those that I hope for and do it with kindness

*sooptimistic* *yayoptimisim*


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