A New Habit

I would like to start a new habit.

The habit to be grateful.

As I am writing this, I am grateful that

Even though my eyes have myopia, they can still see, capturing every moments in my life

Even though I don’t have the best-looking body, I can still digest food and eat anything happily

Even though my legs are short, they can still stand and my feet can still press on the ground

Even though my hands are skinny-looking, they are supa’ strong and can do planks, supporting my body

Even though my hair is usually messy and untidy, It still part of me that I have and treasure

Even though I am not that smart, I am smart enough to be accepted in a university I am studying in

Even though I don’t have the right time-management, I still do my homeworks and try to be punctual

Even though I am full of doubt, I can make decision

Even though I am hungry at night, I choose not to eat midnight snacks.

Even though my desk is messy, I still have to clean and organize it once in a while

Even though I am not always confident, I can use affirmation to get my confidence back

Even though I waste so many time, I am glad I am not using it for drugs and other prohibited stuff

And even though I am not perfect, I am perfectly blessed


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