11 Things You Should Know About Baymax

Who doesn’t love Baymax? I really do love this character from a Disney animated movies, Big Hero 6. This personal healthcare companion is big, huggable, very humble and caring. I want to have it as my personal healthcare companion too ! It will reduce the cost to go to doctor and it’s nice to have someone to tell your story and secrets. As well as to detect what’s wrong with you, mentally and physically. Have you watch the movie? If you do, then you might or might not recognize these 11 things you should know about baymax XD.

  1. Baymax is Caring
    As a personal healthcare companion, Baymax is a very caring robot. He even helps Hiro, the main character in Big Hero 6, to rate his pain. 😀

    How would you rate your pain?

  2. Baymax is Understanding
    When Hiro lost his brother, he is very down and depressed. Along with his friends, Baymax help him to get better. It tries to understand him and comfort him as well.

    I want a hug too :3

    I want a hug too :3

  3. Baymax Lets You Cry When You are in Pain
    Because it’s a natural response of pain. Way to go Baymax!

    It's alright to cry - Baymax

    It’s Alright to Cry

  4. It Needs Some Care too
    Especially in low-battery mode
  5. Baymax is Not Fast
    It is not. For Real.
  6. Baymax is a Cat Person Robot
    It’s adorable to watch the interaction.
    Baymax pet a cat
  7. It can Diagnose Really Well
    It can really help people in the world if it is equipped with all kind of diseases database. Like puberty for example.

    Diagnosis : Puberty

  8. Baymax Hug’s is the Best
    I mean, who can resist to hug Baymax?
  9. Baymax Does an Awkward Fist Bump
    And it goes ba la la la la
  10. Baymax is Tadashi’s Gift
    Baymax is actually made by Tadashi, Hiro’s brother for Hiro. It is also created to help others too.
    Baymax is Tadashi's gift
  11. Baymax is a Hero!
    And finally, with the gear and engines, Baymax becomes part of Big Hero 6. It’s a hero indeed!

Baymax is a wonderful Robot. Who knows in the future, there will be many Baymax(es) in the world to help doctors cure the sick? Well, one can have hope right?


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