Xiao Vee’s x Godiossa Giveaway

So once again I desperately want to win this giveaway. Especially because there will be 3 winners and it increases the percentage of winning. #ohyeah. I attend a giveaway given by xiaovee last year, unfortunately I didn’t win. But its okay. Now I must win. *flamingwithdetermination*


Pasjel pink egg soap

So, what is it that you want to win so desperately? It is this egg-packaged pink acne soap from Pasjel. Why? Mainly because : It has a cute packaging and my problems with my oily skin. You know what. That annoying acnes all over my precious face. I went to one beauty clinic, but it didn’t work on my skin. Either it’s because I’m the one who didn’t put it with discipline or the frequency of applying the cream which is ridiculous for me. Imagine, morning and afternoon creams + night cream! And each time of the day there are 2 types of cream. For a lazy person like me, it just didn’t work well.

Now I am treating my skin using another cream from another beauty clinic. And the result is pretty fascinating. I only have to use twice a day, morning and night, plus toner. It’s not as fancy as the first one and I like it.

That’s why by winning the soap, I hope I can test it in my skin to see if it can make my skin better, faster.

Or if for example I don’t need it anymore, I can give it to my sister. She has the same skin type and loves beauty products.

The giveaway is not only about Pasjel pink egg soap, but also :
– Blue egg soap : Whitening soap
– Sun Fighting Gel : Face sunblock with 50SPF/PA+++
– Green (Sweet sugar scrub) : Body Scrub for scrubbing dead cells and brightening the skin
– Purple (Mildly smooth axillary cream) : Brightening the dark area of the skin, such as knee and elbow and other dark areas.

The green and purple one are the products claimed to be free from steroid.

Okay, I really really want you, Pasjel pink egg soap. Please let me win!
If you are interested and want to win this thing as well, Click Here. I don’t know if it is open to all people around the world, so better ask before you join. 🙂

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