Do you know why I like this season of America’s Next Top Model? By this season I mean the new cycle 22. I like almost all of the cast, well except the bitsy (a nicer word than b****y) ones. Back to the question. I think I know why. Because it’s different. It’s different from the previous cycles. This is the bigger change than the cycle 20 which allows guys to participate as well. The change is : “There is no restriction in height”.

What I like aboutu this change is that :

  1. Being short doesn’t mean you can’t model
    In fact, by using tricks, you can actually looks slender and taller.
  2. The stereotypes about model being tall and skinny is ripped off
    The skinny stereotypes are not really relevant after plus models are coming out.
    And so thus the shorter ones.
  3. Allow the participants to show their looks, potential and dreams.
    I mean look at Nyle. He’s deaf, but he can pull it off like w.o.w.
    He has the looks, he may not be that tall, he may not be perfect.
    But look at what he can deliver to the judges and audiences! #teamNyle

It is a good change. And lots of opportunities for those who are rooting to be a participant. But height requirement blocks them from their dream. Anyway, in season 22, I really like the contestants. They come from different races, gender and height as well. I like their personalities too. I like the cheerful, crazy Devin, flower girl Ava, the bloody handsome Nyle, the always smooth, J smooth, the fierce Lacey, timid but strong Courtney, and the others. Although yes, there always be dramas in the model house. But I love them anyway. Can’t wait to see the winner. I really can’t choose one from those gorgeous models!

Finally to close this post. An anonymous quote : “Being different is one of the most beautiful things on earth”



Have you ever wonder,

How the world will be without internet?

Without internet, maybe my post, my writing, my thoughts would not be available online.

Read by some people around the world

Without internet, I would not

Be present in a digital world.

Update things happening in my life.

Communicating without paying much.

I just move to a new dorm room. And Today, a few hours ago,  I thought that the internet is not available, as the log-in page says it has reach it’s limit. I thought Oh no! I still need to update the instagram @encourager_quotes, I need to update my blog. I need to find some inspiration online for product packaging as I was asked for. What will I do without it! It seems like internet has play a big part of me. And maybe almost all digitalized people in the world.

Sometimes, it can be too much. Like we can’t even live without it. Like we should depend on it to relieve our stress. Like something can’t be done without the internet. Well, again, it depends on what you do. If we need to make art, share it on the internet, then it’s normal to say something like that. But, actually, most of the time, we need internet just to fill our spare time with watching youtube videos, procrastinate to find something more fun than work, and other little things. I am not saying the need of entertainment. I am saying, if it is too much, then you will depend and sucked into the blackhole. What am i saying.

Well during the time I thought the internet was off, I have been photoshop-ing while hoping that somehow it will show up again. I think I’m quite productive. There’s almost no distraction, except the sound of the traffic outside. And well, it proofs that you can actually focus more, if you just turn off internet for a while.

I say let’s make the best out of this technology and advancement. Let’s make something, share something good, give good comments. Be a good netizen. Doing good is no crime. I absolutely agree with what people say : “Do Good and Good Will Come to You”. Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

Achooo! God Bless You

Today I just want to share my result of long-occupied curiousity. As my title stated, it’s about sneeze. One simple question. Why people say God Bless You after hearing people sneeze? Why on earth do you do that?

Sneeze is a way to let something out of your nose and mouth, caused by irritation due to the mucus membrane in the nose or throat. Fun Facts : Sneeze can travel up to 100 miles per hour. And it can transmit diseases too. But is this the cause of why people say “God Bless You” after they heard sneezing?

To understand why, we have to get back in time. The term “God Bless You” is believed coming from Pope Gregory I. At the time he was a Pope, the epidemic of Bubonic Plague reaches Rome. Sneeze is one of the early symptoms of the disease. So, He found a way to put a stop to it, by saying the magic word. Some people say your heart will stop beating when you sneeze. Bless you is a way to ensure the return of life and makes sure that heart will continue beating. Though when I search for it, a website says the frequency of a heart beat alters, but it doesn’t stop.

Another version of this stated that when you sneeze, you actually pull your soul out. And it increases the risk of evil spirit to come into. And thus, we say “God Bless You” to protect the sneezers from the evil. This version is a bit scary, though.

Sneeze is also associated with things in a particular culture. One of them is Asian Culture. In Asia, including my country, when you sneeze it means someone is talking about you.

And thus problem solved. Now I know why people say the magic word, after the sneeze.

11 Things You Should Know About Baymax

Who doesn’t love Baymax? I really do love this character from a Disney animated movies, Big Hero 6. This personal healthcare companion is big, huggable, very humble and caring. I want to have it as my personal healthcare companion too ! It will reduce the cost to go to doctor and it’s nice to have someone to tell your story and secrets. As well as to detect what’s wrong with you, mentally and physically. Have you watch the movie? If you do, then you might or might not recognize these 11 things you should know about baymax XD.

  1. Baymax is Caring
    As a personal healthcare companion, Baymax is a very caring robot. He even helps Hiro, the main character in Big Hero 6, to rate his pain. 😀

    How would you rate your pain?

  2. Baymax is Understanding
    When Hiro lost his brother, he is very down and depressed. Along with his friends, Baymax help him to get better. It tries to understand him and comfort him as well.

    I want a hug too :3

    I want a hug too :3

  3. Baymax Lets You Cry When You are in Pain
    Because it’s a natural response of pain. Way to go Baymax!

    It's alright to cry - Baymax

    It’s Alright to Cry

  4. It Needs Some Care too
    Especially in low-battery mode
  5. Baymax is Not Fast
    It is not. For Real.
  6. Baymax is a Cat Person Robot
    It’s adorable to watch the interaction.
    Baymax pet a cat
  7. It can Diagnose Really Well
    It can really help people in the world if it is equipped with all kind of diseases database. Like puberty for example.

    Diagnosis : Puberty

  8. Baymax Hug’s is the Best
    I mean, who can resist to hug Baymax?
  9. Baymax Does an Awkward Fist Bump
    And it goes ba la la la la
  10. Baymax is Tadashi’s Gift
    Baymax is actually made by Tadashi, Hiro’s brother for Hiro. It is also created to help others too.
    Baymax is Tadashi's gift
  11. Baymax is a Hero!
    And finally, with the gear and engines, Baymax becomes part of Big Hero 6. It’s a hero indeed!

Baymax is a wonderful Robot. Who knows in the future, there will be many Baymax(es) in the world to help doctors cure the sick? Well, one can have hope right?

Xiao Vee’s x Godiossa Giveaway

So once again I desperately want to win this giveaway. Especially because there will be 3 winners and it increases the percentage of winning. #ohyeah. I attend a giveaway given by xiaovee last year, unfortunately I didn’t win. But its okay. Now I must win. *flamingwithdetermination*


Pasjel pink egg soap

So, what is it that you want to win so desperately? It is this egg-packaged pink acne soap from Pasjel. Why? Mainly because : It has a cute packaging and my problems with my oily skin. You know what. That annoying acnes all over my precious face. I went to one beauty clinic, but it didn’t work on my skin. Either it’s because I’m the one who didn’t put it with discipline or the frequency of applying the cream which is ridiculous for me. Imagine, morning and afternoon creams + night cream! And each time of the day there are 2 types of cream. For a lazy person like me, it just didn’t work well.

Now I am treating my skin using another cream from another beauty clinic. And the result is pretty fascinating. I only have to use twice a day, morning and night, plus toner. It’s not as fancy as the first one and I like it.

That’s why by winning the soap, I hope I can test it in my skin to see if it can make my skin better, faster.

Or if for example I don’t need it anymore, I can give it to my sister. She has the same skin type and loves beauty products.

The giveaway is not only about Pasjel pink egg soap, but also :
– Blue egg soap : Whitening soap
– Sun Fighting Gel : Face sunblock with 50SPF/PA+++
– Green (Sweet sugar scrub) : Body Scrub for scrubbing dead cells and brightening the skin
– Purple (Mildly smooth axillary cream) : Brightening the dark area of the skin, such as knee and elbow and other dark areas.

The green and purple one are the products claimed to be free from steroid.

Okay, I really really want you, Pasjel pink egg soap. Please let me win!
If you are interested and want to win this thing as well, Click Here. I don’t know if it is open to all people around the world, so better ask before you join. 🙂

Break Your Jail, Man!

First of all, this is not just for man but woman as well as long as you are human, you are welcome to view this post. Second, This is what I got from a book. Feel free to add your opinion if you don’t agree or in line with the ideas.

Do you ever feel that whatever you do you never feel secure, afraid of failure, inconsistent, impatience, lacking confidence and not sure how to do it? I’m sure everyone know and ever feel it. Because we’re only human. And it’s normal that we feel that way. But don’t you think it prevents us to achieve success? Don’t you think those little voices actually stopping you to take action? In the book Break Your Jail to be a Success by Michael Yo, a motivator and coach in Indonesia, you will learn what actually put you into Jail and stopping you.

He explain that every human being has their own Jail, not physically, but rather as a form of their beliefs. There are 12 kinds of jails.

1. Jail in Process
2. Jail in Mind
3. Jail in Attitude
4. Jail in Belief
5. Jail in Goals
6. Jail in Failures
7. Jail in Action
8. Jail in Consistence
9. Jail in Entrepreneur
10. Jail in Networking
11. Jail in Give
12. Jail in Faith

Believe it or not, we all have this. The intensity or the period we already stayed in that jail may vary. Some people may dream Big but jailed in Action to pursue them. Some people with timid personality have trouble in creating network with people. Some lacks the belief that they can do it. And some may give up and not give attention to the process to be successful.

In this book, Michael Yo illustrates using story of successful people, that breaks the beliefs that people used to believe. That overcomes failure. That make groundbreaking achievement and success. The people includes Oprah Winfrey, Conrad Hilton, Akihiko Otsuka, Chris Gardner, Top Ittipath as well as Michael Jordan and other great people. He also uses the story and the morals we can learn from animals, like ants. Ants illustrates the spirit of teamwork, never give up motto, always looking for opportunities and did not like the word Comfort Zone.

The book provides information to choose the type of fear that will build you up, to focus on goals and believe that success is one packet with failures.

And in the last chapter he talk about faith. We should believe that God is good. And that way we learn to always be grateful.

To sum up, I didn’t regret impulse-buying this book at a seminar 3 days ago. After having Michael Yo himself as a speaker along with 3 other outstanding speakers in a seminar, I am curious to see what his book will be like. And finally I bought it. Although this book is written in Indonesian, but glad that he make each chapter’s title in English. Otherwise I have to translate all of em. It is one good decision to learn and finally share it in this blog. 😁 :mrgreen:

p.s. : For more encouraging post through faith that build you to be a greater person, follow @encourager_quotes in instagram. It will take little of your time, but trust me you will be thankful you did. @encourager_quotes is a platform to share my arts that I am sharing everyday for a better, growing
human being, as in myself and you.