Identity, Self, Me

All started with

A Name

Name is the first label

Given by our parents

And no

It’s not

The bad, quirky label

Given by

Some friends

in teenage years

Even you sometimes thought

It’s sort of weird

Unusual, doesn’t make sense

Or even

Too casual, too mainstream or too common.

The name

It has meanings, stories and


Behind it.


That’s when all of this stories started, right?

The stories we called life

The stories we experience ourselves


Apart of our fantasies and imagery

Apart from our mind thinking

Facing forward

With all the things we could be

In the future.

Reminiscing the past

And still we can’t go back to joyous old memories

Nor that we can erase or time travel to those unpleasant, inferior experiences

No, because time machine hasn’t been invented yet

At least until now

But when we think it all over

It’s not that bad

That’s where the surprises are

The laughter

The quarrel

The love






All started

When you’re born

You’re given a name


Hey is such a word

Hey is such a talk

a very small talk

that starts our conversation

Hey is the beginning

of all of this

that happens

I wish you knew that

the Hey changes everything

perhaps I’m too delusional

or imaginative

but the hey you said

is not overly fictive


it means a lot to me 🙂