Not The Kind Of Night You See

The night I see might not be the kind of night you see

Waiting for Ketoprak sellers to finish my orders. I direct direct my view around. Observing.

Starting from left, I saw this enormous boarding house. It has 6th floors in total. The building is all white with the un-starry sky as a background. Some motorcycles are parked on the roads down to the building.

My eyes are distracted and start to move to the right

I see smokes flying up to the sky, The satay sellers are busy.

My view comes down a bit. And there’s fire. Burning orange. Burning those chicken meats. And so it’s where the smokes comes from.

Shifting my view a bit to the right. The traffic is not as bad as when the sun is still up.

There are 2 minimarkets. Side by side, competing. Somehow. On the second floor of one of the stores, I saw some girls by the window laughing. Maybe they laugh about the jokes coming from their friends. Maybe not. I don’t know. Only they know.

The ketoprak seller is still busy too. His hand is moving very fast. Mixing the ingredients.

My orders are right after the old man’s. I’ve waited enough. My waiting has come to an end. Ketoprak is ready, and still hot as I bring it home.

The night I see might not be the kind of night you see.


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