Quote of the Day

2 Steve Jobs quote for today. Hope they inspires you!

Your time is limited so don’t waste it living in someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living withthe results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

~Steve Jobs

If today were the last day of your life, Would you want to DO what you are about to do today?

~Steve Jobs

Romeo and Juliet’s Summary

Romeo and Juliet

This is a school project months ago, where we have to make a summary of several Shakespeare’s plays( okay there are 11 of them) . So, we are told to perform the play. Each group one play. My group’s play is Othello. We actually make puppets to tell the story to the audience. While other groups have their own way of storytelling, including make presentations or animations or even making it looks like a game. Like the one in the NDS screen. Today I’ll post a summary about Romeo and Juliet. I don’t really remember the story so I also take some reference from the web, it’s from sparknotes.com. It’s been a great website to help me finish the summaries. Just see the plot overview and you will be enlightened 😀

Long long ago in the city of Verona, there are 2 families which always been feuding, the Capulet and the Montague. The ruler of Verona, Prince Escalus, decided to put an end to the fight by proclaim death to any individual who disturbs the peace.

Romeo, the son of Montague, said to Benvolio, his cousin that he’s in love with Rosaline. But Rosaline doesn’t love him back. Benvolio suggest to Romeo to find another girl who is more beautiful than her.
Meanwhile, Paris, a kinsman of the Prince, wants to marry Juliet, the daughter of Capulet. Lord Capulet agrees but tell Paris to wait for 2 years, since Juliet is still 13 years old. Lord Capulet invite people to attend his masquerade and feast including Paris, hoping that he will win Juliet’s heart.

Romeo and Benvolio encounter Capulet’s invitation. Benvolio suggest that they both go to the feast, hoping that Romeo will forget Rosaline and find another woman. Romeo agrees but that’s because Rosaline’s name was on the list.

On the other hand, Juliet are discussing with her mother and the nurse about the possibility for her to marry Paris. She wants to meet him in the masquerade and see whether he made her in love.
The feast begin, and Romeo immediately falls in love when he sees Juliet. He forget about Rosaline. Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, recognizes Romeo as a Montague and wants to get rid of him. But, the Capulet holds him back. Romeo soon talks to Juliet and they both fall in love. They kiss 2 times after a few talks. After the feast, they learn that they are both from a feuding families, and they both are distraught.

When Mercutio and Benvolio leaves the Capulet’s estate, Romeo leaps over the orchard walls to Juliet’s garden. There, they exchanges poetrical languages expressing their love to each other.

After that, Romeo meet the confessor, Friar Lawrence and he agrees to bless Romeo’s wedding in secret As he sees that the wedding might end the quarrel between 2 families. The next day, Romeo and Juliet meets at Friar Lawrence cell and are officially married.

One day, Tybalt challenges Romeo to a duel. Romeo refuses to fight as he’s now Tybalt’s kinsman, and told him to listen to his reason. Mercutio doesn’t accept Romeo offer of peace and fight Tybalt himself. Tybalt wins the fight, Mercutio dies. Seeing this, Romeo kills Tybalt. Prince declares him to be banished from Verona. Friar Lawrence arranges Romeo to have this wedding night before leaving Verona.

Juliet heard that Romeo kills Tybalt, but she resettle herself and realize that now she’s Romeo’s. That night the lover spend their night together, and the next day they bid farewell unsure if they will ever meet each other again.

Juliet’s father now intend to make Juliet marry Paris in 3 days. Juliet doesn’t want to because she’s already married with Romeo. Then she goes to Friar Lawrence and he plan to make Juliet appears dead by drinking a potion. And he and Romeo will secretly retrieve her, so that the two of them can live away from their families feud.

The plan is halfway to success. Juliets appear dead and is now on a grave. But Friar Lawrence message to Romeo never reach him. So Romeo only heard that Juliet’s dead and he doesn’t know about the plan. He visits Juliet’s grave. He meet Paris at the place. They fight, Romeo kills Paris. Then he drink a potion to kill himself. Juliet is awake and she sees Romeo is dead. Friar Lawrence told her to leave with him, but she refuses. She choose to be with Romeo. She kiss Romeo’s poisoned lips, but it doesn’t work. So she stabs herself and fall upon his dead body. Seeing they’re dead, The Capulets and Montague decided to end their feud and raise Romeo and Juliet’s gold statue side by side in Verona.

Thanks for reading 😀 Hope you guys forgive my grammatical errors 😀

6 Steps on How to Make Menus According to a Category

Ever wondering how can you make a special menu for your articles in specific category ? Indeed, I am confused how to do so in wordpress at first. Even after searching and find an article on how to do it, I did it and fail. The problem is mainly because I can’t differ between page and menus. So actually, a page, ‘About me’ page for example, is a static page, you can fill whatever you want in that page, but you can’t add posts(unless you only want links to your posts). While in menus you can see that the pages is automatically added to menu. In menus you can check or uncheck the pages you want to be displayed in the appearance of your wordpress blog. And what we want here is adding the articles with the same category to a menu. Well, after some time, yes, I finally did make the menus according to the categories! And it’s actually pretty simple, you just click click click and it’s done. Well because I experience it myself, let me just guide you through these simple steps :

1. Go to yourblogname.wordpress.com/wp-admin/
2. Then go to yourblogname.wordpress.com/wp-admin/nav-menus.php

See the menus on the left side of the dashboard, hover your mouse to appearance >> Menus

3. Your computer / tablet/ smartphone screen will  look like this :


          Click on Categories

4. Next, you need to choose one category. In this case, I choose Essay and click Add to Menumenu2

5. The Essay category will pop out with grey colour.


6. You can easily change the category’s name to a new name by clicking on category in that grey box.  Just change the name to the name you want to be displayed. Once you are done, you can click Save Menu


That’s all it takes to make menus filled with articles from certain category. Hope this helps and Good Luck on trying!

Happy Sunday

I have a very blessed sunday today. I thought life in Jakarta would be hard, but turns out that it’s quite boring #eh? I haven’t start any classes of university and my 2nd orientation will be starting next week. My first orientation ended like 2 weeks ago. And there’s this 2 weeks holiday. It’s quite amusing how life goes this fast. Yesterday I feel like I’m still in Surabaya with my family and friends, chilling and relaxing. Sometimes I feel like where did my summer holidays go? Did it go without any meaning, without anything important that I do..? Well, I don’t know. But then, yeah I realize that sometimes we just have to enjoy the art of doing nothing. Haha.. An excuse of mine here(?)

I have a lot of worries actually towards this university life.., like can I make friends? Can I achieve good grades? Can I adapt to the environment of my university? Since I’m this girl that really need to be taught how to appreciate the things in life. Not to worry about why I don’t make any conversation or if my question is bad. Sometimes it’s tiring and sorrowful to just keep what we have in mind just inside ourselves. I want to be open and let my thoughts be heard, I want to have the courage and be the new me, that people never thought I can be. Just let me grow in Your Love God.

Actually, few days ago, I just came back from a retreat. I met many new people in my university that is in one way, I mean having the same faith, same religion. I thank God because I believe that God makes me to choose the right thing and thus have the joy of being with the others praising his name. I had a great time there. Even though I think I’m still not as open, I mean talk a lot, as I want to. But then, I realised I met many people of different character and it’s fun to watch them and observe them. Anyway in the retreat, we have session with some speakers from church talking about the relation of God to human as well human to human.

One of the speakers said that he said he feels the love from God so much, because even when he has a weird sickness that makes him in high school have to be hospitalised for one month and the next month he’s in school again. He said it’s like a cycle to be in hospital and attend school. And he also tell the miracles from God on a girl that during the crisis in 1998 is raped by some ill-mannered people. And it results to her reproductive organ to not function well. Shortly spoken, she can’t bear a child. It’s like a nightmare for her. But then God always with her. Short story, she met the son of a pastor. He’s in love with her and one day he propose to marry her. Even though he knows that she can’t bear a child. Another love from God comes. After they are married, she feels pain in her stomach and the next thing she knows that she is pregnant.
Well, that’s the story, actually it can be more detail, but then I forgot the details. My bad.

Then there’s another speaker and he talks about marriage(?) What a random topic. He said that’s what his mom ask him that time when he’s only in junior high school so still about 14 yrs old. Do you want to get married? If yes then what do you need to prepare. 1st thing is the bride. Well of course. and the next thing is a good house in the skirt(not in the center) of Jakarta probably around 1billion rupiahs as well as a car about 200mil, then the marriage fee itself about 300 mil. So to get married it’s like you have to have 1.5 billion divided by about 10 years. The time between his age that time and the age he wants to get married. So from that time in junior high he has to have 150 million per year. Back then, we have a huge dream, but then as soon as we grows up usually the dreams decrease. And if like me now the time that is 10 years has decreased to 7 years and for these 4 years in uni, I might not work yet. so deduct by 4 becomes 3 years. And during these 3 years I have to make it to 1.5 billion. Ha. But of course God will help. It can be through my parents and the groom-to-be, we can collaborate to pay together. Anyway, he also told us to have a plan. At least know what will we do tomorrow. So before sleep, we have to know what will we do tomorrow and then make the day meaningful.

Okay I will stop now. It’s up to the readers to read or not. But if you go this far to the bottom. Thank God. I hope it helps, but if it confuses you, feel free to ask 😀