The world Keeps Changing

Change is everywhere around us. People Change, Non-living things also change. Like the PC for example. Start as the big, huge and gigantic monster, PC keep changing to a smaller and slimmer size, like the LCD, and finally change to tablet. What I try to say is the world is keep changing, and we got to keep changing within it. Like a chameleon, we adapt to the new world, to a new situation. Long Ago, you probably don’t know what internet is. We don’t know what happened overseas.  Now, you just need internet connection, and with one click, much information comes to you. Everything seems so close and near. If you went abroad and you want to communicate with your relatives in your country, you just call them, or if you want it to be cheaper, you just open your Skype and alakazam, you can talk face-to-face with your loved one. Technologies change us all. Now, if you want to buy clothes you can drive to the shop in your town or just simply go to online shop, click what you like, pay it, and taraa.. Your beautiful dresses arrive in front of the door. Blogging and active in Social Media to a certain limit, also a good way to spend your time. You can share your thought and promoting products.

Changes also turn someone bad. Invention like laptop and internet is very good. But, it can make one very addicted to it and forget his responsibility-do the chores, etc.- Social media can really make you addicted. And the result you don’t care about your surrounding. Well, everything change, but, we must keep changing ourselves positively.

Thanks for reading 😀