8 Types of Friends You Would Find in Your Class

Each people is unique. One is different from the others. Just like in school, there must be many people with their own personality, craziness, and behaviour. In this post, I’ll tell you about what kind of people inside a classroom with 48 people in it.

1. The Geek, The Smart

Even if the school is not famous or something-like-that, there must be smart people in a class, right? Usually this kind of people, wearing glasses(not always), teachers’ golden kid, shy, almost or never late and absent, listen to the teacher respectfully and ask question sometimes. But the criteria are not always right. This category a-bit-reflects me. I wear glasses and shy. But, I’m not a question-asker, I swear I almost never ask to the teacher.

2. The Drama Queen

He / she always want to get the attention of everyone. Drama queen is sometimes good, when they raised their hand to answer question, maybe, so that they can get the attention. But, sometimes it’s annoying to have these people dominating all the attention.

3. The Little Miss Beautiful

They always scratching their hair, no, I mean combing their hair, every minute, everyday. And then they get busy to look at their reflection in a mirror. It’s like Am I beautiful yet? This beauty-obsessed people always go to the restroom, when they want to their usual ritual. To be honest, I kinda dislike that kind of people, because they just go to school to get beauty tips or beauty advice from other friends or what? School is the place when we suppose to learn something new, not to waste time in front of the mirror. But, I don’t hate them, I just kinda dislike that kind of thing. 🙂

4. The Gossiper

This kind of person always know about the latest news way faster than anyone else

5. The Skip-classer

They always nowhere to be found when it comes to boring lessons, like Indonesian language, math, physics, history, etc. They ask for permission to go to the restroom,but they never come back. I mean, they will come back after the lesson is done, or in 10 to 15 minutes. I don’t know where they’re going, probably, to canteen.

6. The Athlete

In P.E. lesson, they always show their ability. Basketball, soccer, badminton, skipping-rope, or volleyball. They are very-very good with the sports thing. Either one or all of them. Maybe, neither of the sports I’ve listed above, but there must be the athletic guy or girl.

7. The Prince or Princess Charming

There are good and bad news if you are this kind of person. The good news is with your above-the-standard look, you will have popularity. Popularity means you have fans and people which have crush on you. The bad news, you must be ready if they are chasing you, asking about if you’re single or not and other things, like what type of girl/boy do you like, your pets name, eh? and get ready if they became a papparazi, following and investigating your daily activity. 😀

8. The Humorous-part

To make you Laugh Out Loud is the reason why they’re here on Earth. Hahaha..They usually have round body and naturally hillarious. There are 2 kind of these kind of people. The first is their gestures and face-expression are truly funny, even if they’re not doing anything. Like my friend, the other said that he looks like a penguin if he walks. So, it’s like his legs going up down and his body also moves up and down in a plus size body, just like penguin. The other type is if they like to tell jokes which make us laugh and can’t stop laughing.

I think it’s enough to describe the kind of person in my class, at my school. It’s amazing that God creates so many human with amazing characteristics. The people with negative side also have positive side.

You have another idea of the type of person in your class? If you do, feel free to leave it as a comment.. 😀 Thank you for reading my post


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