Science Experiment With Thermometer

I got some task by the physic teacher, Mr. Laurent. He asked my class to do these : Take the  temperature of hot boiling water and the melting ice (one with salt and the other without it)

In this post, I just wanna share about the experiment. For the ice experiment, first thing I do is prepare the equipment and the material. I need 2 glass, 8 ice cube, some salt, and a thermometer.

Then, I put 4 ice cubes in each glass. In one glass I spread some salt, maybe 2 or 3 teaspoons of salt. I wait for 3 minutes, until a part of the ice cubes are melting. Then, quickly I put the thermometer in the glass of pure ice cubes (without salt), and got 4 degree Celcius. I move the thermometer to the salty ice cube and got -1 degree celcius. From the internet, I knew that the reaction between the salt and the ice cube made the temperature lower.

For the hot boiling water experiment, I need a pan, stove for heating the water, thermometer and a glass. I do several try in it. For the first try, I heat the water, then after 1 minute, pour the water in a glass. After that, I take the temperature, the red liquid inside the thermometer going up to 71. I’m a little unsatisfied, I thought it should be 100 degree, right?


when the temperature slowly goes to 71 degree celcius

Second try. I heat the water and pour it to the glass right after it boils. I got 82 degree.In the 3rd try, After the water boils, I turn the stove off, and put the thermometer in. I got 91 degree. I thought, “Could it be the water boils at 91 degree? I better give it one more try”. I heat the water until it boils and I don’t turn off the stove, I put the thermometer in and it slowly crawling from 91 to 99 degree, I wait about 30 seconds and finally! I got 100 degree. I’m truly relieved.

That’s all for my post today. The science experiment that I do in my house. Thanks for stopping by and read my post.

Badminton-Tiny Biography of All England Winner 2012

Who loves playing badminton? You do? If you do, you should check this out. Do you know that in All England 2012 tournament, Indonesian mixed double team won the championship? I bet if you’re badminton freak, or badminton lover, you should know that. Here is the video of All England final between Indonesian team with Denmark team (Kamilla Rytter Juhl and Thomas Laybourn)

Video :

In this post, I will share tiny biography and fact about Lilyana Natsir and Tantowi Ahmad, two people who are now ranked 4 in the world. They are also the first team who win All England after there was no title for Indonesia in mixed double team since the year of 1979. I, myself, like to watch badminton and play badminton as well. Self taught. But, still can’t play the game as good as the pro, but at least, I can do it. :D. So without waiting longer, here’s the tiny biography..

Lilyana Natsir is a female badminton player from Manado, Indonesia. She was born in September, 9th 1985 and that means she is 26 years old now.  She begin to play badminton when she’s 9 years old and join a club in Manado. She quit school at the age of 12, and moved to Jakarta and choose to focused to be a badminton player. She join the club there, PB Tangkas. She shines in the mixed double badminton with her partner Nova Widianto. They won many medals and title including the Sea Games 2005, Indonesia Open 2005, World Championship in Anenheim in United States. She also play women’s double along with Vita Marissa.

Her nickname is Butet. It’s like the Indonesian song that also titled Butet. Do you know why she was called like that? In an interview in TV, she said that when she first enter the club, there are one friend who asked her name and she said Lilyana. Then her friend said, “Ah, That’s too long ! It’s better, from now on, I call you Butet, okay? Because in Medan, Butet is a love nickname. And because she’s the youngest, she agreed and therefore her friend called her Butet.

Tantowi Ahmad is a male badminton player specialized in Mixed double. He was born in 18th of July, 1987 on Banyumas, Indonesia. He begin to shine when partnered with Lilyana Natsir. Previously he partnered with Shendy Puspa Irawati and won the Vietnam GP in 2008. He also partnered with Richi Puspita Dili in 2009 and won many titles. In 2010, he partnered with Greysia Polii and then with Lilyana Natsir. So their journey as mixed double team begin at 2010.

That’s all about the tiny biography (It’s tiny right?) of Lilyana Natsir and Tantowi Ahmad, the mixed double team who won All England 2012. Thanks for reading my post. 😀

Source : Wikipedia-Lilyana-Natsir, Kaskus-Lilyana-Natsir, Lilyana-Natsir-Butet, Wikipedia-Tantowi-Ahmad

Amazing Book : Success Principal For Teens

Hi bloggie! Lately, I was reading Jack Canfield and Kent Healy book called The Success Principles For Teens. It is a great book, I think. It helps us to get a better life and achieve our dreams. But How we get a better life?

In this book, they said that you must not do negative-thinking like complain and maes excuses when we’re in trouble, in the contrary, we must think positive that there is a good lesson behind all the bad things even the worst things in our life. Second, you must believe in yourself that you can do it(it can be anything, like when you’re nervous in giving a presentation, you must believe that you CAN do the presentation well). Saying “ I can do this. I surely can do this whatever it takes” perhaps can help you to achieve success.

They also said that you can write 101 big wishes you would like to achieve and also your goal in life. I don’t finished the book yet, so that’s what I learned. If you want to purchase this good book, you can go to

PS : Jack Canfield is the writer of Chicken Soup For The Soul Series and Jack Canfield is the writer of Cool Stuff They should teach in school. They’re both motivating and successful person.

The Lesson We Can Learn From Phineas and Ferb


Phineas and Ferb picture

Gita, my youngest sister, love to watch TV. She would sit in front of TV as she eat her lunch and mostly she watch cartoon. One of them is Phineas and Ferb. You must know about this Disney TV series, right? If you don’t, I give you one short story about this one. Phineas and Ferb are 2 extraordinary kids, who have BIG ideas like build a roller coaster, go to Atlantic, create robots, and other WOW things we thought of. They have a sister named Candice, who has a boyfriend named Jeremy. And also the one who like Phineas, Isabela, and her scout team. They have a platypus as their pet, named Perry the Platypus, which secretly do a secret agent things. Its job is to stop Professor to do bad things. Yap! The Professor is the bad guy in the story.

I want to share what I learned from watching Phineas and Ferb with my sister. This is the positive side of watching TV.

1. Dream BIG

One of the best thing in this series is the fact that they (Phineas and Ferb) dream big. And proof that they can do it. They ever build a time machine, and do lots of thing they dream of. Maybe some of their dreams are hard to achieve or sounds impossible, but they believe they can do it

2. Mean Things Always Failed

The professor always have the evil plans and doing what he wants, but it’s dangerous for the others. But it always failed, because there is agent P that is Perry the platypus who stopped him. The funny part is the professor’s evil plasma that usually he shot it to make some things disappeared, were shot at Phineas and Ferb invention. It’s lucky for Phineas and Ferb, cause their mom never know what they’re doing.

3. Complaining is useless

Candice, the older sister of Phineas and Ferb, always tried to busted them and report it to their mother about their invention. Her goal is to make her brother gets busted. And she always complain about if that failed. Yeah, but in the show she always failed to tell her mom, because the invention is already gone, when her mom arrived. But, in 2 episodes, their mom know about their invention. Candice is of course, happy. In one episode, Candice from the past comes to the future along with her brother and tell her mom that she’s using Phineas and Ferb invention to go to the future. Her mom knows this, and guess what she said? She is okay and just a little busting the boys -after Candice really beg her mom to busted them-. Trying to report and complaining to them is useless and made her lives in a worry, and not enjoying her life. Why doesn’t she be happy and support her brother? It will make her life better.

4. Be Creative and Start Doing the Plan

Creative is the key why Phineas and Ferb comes up with such a great idea and not just thinking of it but try and they make it happen.

5. Think positive and Be Happy

Good things we have to copy from Phineas and Ferb is that they think positive, they didn’t think what if this not succeed or failed. They just think positively and happy doing things such as building a roller coaster above the city, and again, they make it happen.

Phineas and Ferb sure are the creative-uncommon things that can come with the craziest things in their head and slowly but surely bring about the idea.

Thank you for reading my post. Hope you like and inspired by it. 😀

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8 Types of Friends You Would Find in Your Class

Each people is unique. One is different from the others. Just like in school, there must be many people with their own personality, craziness, and behaviour. In this post, I’ll tell you about what kind of people inside a classroom with 48 people in it.

1. The Geek, The Smart

Even if the school is not famous or something-like-that, there must be smart people in a class, right? Usually this kind of people, wearing glasses(not always), teachers’ golden kid, shy, almost or never late and absent, listen to the teacher respectfully and ask question sometimes. But the criteria are not always right. This category a-bit-reflects me. I wear glasses and shy. But, I’m not a question-asker, I swear I almost never ask to the teacher.

2. The Drama Queen

He / she always want to get the attention of everyone. Drama queen is sometimes good, when they raised their hand to answer question, maybe, so that they can get the attention. But, sometimes it’s annoying to have these people dominating all the attention.

3. The Little Miss Beautiful

They always scratching their hair, no, I mean combing their hair, every minute, everyday. And then they get busy to look at their reflection in a mirror. It’s like Am I beautiful yet? This beauty-obsessed people always go to the restroom, when they want to their usual ritual. To be honest, I kinda dislike that kind of people, because they just go to school to get beauty tips or beauty advice from other friends or what? School is the place when we suppose to learn something new, not to waste time in front of the mirror. But, I don’t hate them, I just kinda dislike that kind of thing. 🙂

4. The Gossiper

This kind of person always know about the latest news way faster than anyone else

5. The Skip-classer

They always nowhere to be found when it comes to boring lessons, like Indonesian language, math, physics, history, etc. They ask for permission to go to the restroom,but they never come back. Continue reading