Hello world!

Hello! This is my first post, everyone! Let me introduce myself, I am a high school student from Indonesia, a country in South Asia, which one of the province, Bali, yeah, you must know Bali right? But, I’m not from Bali, I am located at Surabaya, a city in east Java. So, english isn’t my mother’s language, but I plan this blog in english language. Because, I hope by writing in this blog, it will improve my english and maybe if my writings are good enough, many people will understand it.

Well, I’m going to blog about, probably, my thoughts, and maybe some short essay about everyday life and updated my blog regularly, i hope :D. I have a bunch interest in photography, but I have already post about the topic in my other blog, deciphotos.blogspot.com. (I hope you visit this blog! Cheers!). So, I don’t know who ever said it, or I ever read it, but someone said that one blog, should be focusing on one subject, shouldn’t it? Get ready for my post, world!


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